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I have had many jobs. Mostly “manly” jobs, only because when I was growing up, they made the most money.


Q: What is your true definition of a Boss Lady?

I think a boss lady is someone who knows exactly what she wants and goes for it! She is constantly thinking of a way to improve and increase her business. Her mind never stops. She answers to no one and she walks with her head held high. A boss lady wants the best for her clients/customers. A True Boss makes sure each client is happy, returns and recommends you to everyone else.


Q: What made you enter the lashes industry and not the full make-up line?

Since High school, I have always sold something. In 2016, I sat back and took an evaluation. I no longer wanted to work for someone else and make other companies look great. I started thinking about all the business owners I had met over the years and what was missing. I wanted something that was popular and not over saturated.

One day I was getting my lashes done and looked around at how many other women were there… and a light bulb went off! I started researching for a manufacturer and all of the costs. It took a few months to get everything rolling but here I am. I chose the name Magari because that means “I want that” in Italian. Magari Beauty… I want that beauty!!!

I think the actual makeup industry is over saturated. There are so many makeup companies out there. I actually know a few friends that have makeup lines. Only one has eyelashes, but not high end eyelashes. I do want to add more products eventually but my main focus right now is luxury eyelashes.

Q: Do you see yourself extending your Brand to maybe lash-care like a shampoo or conditioner for lashes?

I don’t think I will be doing eyelash shampoo and conditioner but I may be doing a Mink eyelash cleanser to extend the life of your eyelashes. 

Q: Do you plan to open a lash bar? Are you mobile? Do you do pampering parties?

I live in New York right now but I plan on relocating to the South in a couple of years. I’m opening a beauty bar. A small beauty bar where you can get a small menu of quick items. Also I’m going back to school to become an Esthetician. This way I can do brows, install lashes, mini facials and sell my personal line of products. 

I don’t offer this services yet but I will be mobile as soon as I am licensed. I do not do pampering parties yet. In the near future for sure!

Q: Who do you need to team up with to grow your business?

I would LOVE to hook up with a Make up artist who would be willing to build together. Maybe we could do pampering parties together especially if they have a makeup product!

I also need to hook up with a socialite/ model/ public figure that can get my small business some exposure. It seems like whatever a celebrity wears, its the next hot item sold out in stores.

I have a great product, I made sure of that. I can compete with the best of the best. 

Q: Give us your perfect pitch to Sephora to get your brand on their shelf!

Magari Beauty is changing the world one lash at a time! Luxury mink eyelashes at a reasonable cost that can be worn up to 25 times. These lashes come to stores in a magnetic box that can be used to store your lashes and protect them from dirt and dust. This appealing box and luxury product will fly off the shelves. The actual lashes are soft and very natural looking. Easy on the eye and easy on the eyes!

Magari Beauty
CEO Linda Morris-Jackson

(929) 279-3775



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