I tried to hook up with this young lady awhile ago for one of my Pop Ups but she wasn’t ready. But now, not only is she ready She’s Killing it at every Vendor Event she participate in. My favorites are her Leather Earrings which are very light on the ears and perfect for short hair.
PeaceofJewel evolved from receiving a pair of leather earrings as a gift from a fellow hand crafter.  I wore them until they turned colors and became tattered. When I reached out to her to purchase another pair, this sister was no longer in business!! “What was I to do? ” I decided to create a pair using scraps of leather.  I must say, I was very pleased with my end product! Not only did I discovered my niche, it was therapeutic, stress releasing, calming and offered an overwhelming sense of peace. I found myself crafting piece after piece and it was my place of solace.
Two years later, my life seemed to go “topsy-turvy”.  Every area seemed to be negatively impacted: marriage, parenting, finances, my place of employment, health, you name it. I cried and prayed,prayed and cried. At this difficult time i yearned to create daily. It was my outlet. God granted me a gift not only to fashion pieces but to fall in a “place of peace”. Hence I decided to name my peaceful place, “PeaceofJewel”.  When I create, my hopes are to pass a piece of my peace in each peace purchased.
PeaceofJewel “Peacefully Created”

Where does your inspiration come from? How do you get in the mood to create?

 First and foremost I’m inspired through prayer. it gears me up, sharpens my creative eye for unique pieces. I am also inspired by my life’s experiences such as travel, people, nature etc.
When I craft, i retreat to my crafting space nestled in a nook located in my living room.  I sit in my long back, leather swivel chair and the creative juices begin to flow. At times,  I may sketch out a piece before I create it. other times, i just begin by picking up material and crafting as i go. Those pieces are usually the best.

When did reality hit you that your passion was ready to be released? I was ready for you but it wasn’t time yet…

 I realize that my passion needed to be released when my family encouraged me to begin by using pop-up shops as a platform to showcase and sell my pieces. i was a bit reluctant however, i had a gut sense to launch out. my very first “pop-up” . Customer after customer complimented, purchased and made requests. it was that experience that confirmed that i should continue to pursue.

Since that moment, I sometimes find myself turning down offers to showcase because the demand exceeds the supply! As much as i desire to create all day, i do have a career and family. juggling family, my career and passions is certainly not an easy task! It’s all worth it and I am grateful and thank God.

Are There Any designers that Inspires You? 

 Actually, there is no specific designer that inspires me simply because I strive to be a “one-of-a-kind’ crafter.  However, i do frequent the various creative artisans’ work found on Pinterest which inspires me. i try not to replicate what i see so I may alter a piece with an embellishment, splash of color or different medium.
Since my ability to craft is basically self-taught through trial and error, I also lean toward various social media sites and jewelry making publications for technique tips.
My recent visit to Africa during summer 2017 was an inspiration as well. The wealth of various textiles and rich colors piqued my interest to create even more!

If you had a chance to create pieces for Michelle Obama for a magazine cover, what would be the representation you would create for Michelle?

 If I had the “honor” to hand craft a piece for First lady Michelle Obama, it would be a piece that would reflect her as an individual. The piece would be stately bold, eye-catching, classy and royal. Without a doubt it would be African inspired to pay homage to her African lineage. Her piece would be intricate with exquisite detail hand crafted with high-end material. She deserves nothing but the best simply because of the many lives she has positively impacted as the former First Lady and beyond. I eagerly await that opportunity.
Next steps for PeaceofJewel

2018 goals for Peaceofjewel is to reach a larger scale of potential customers. I plan to target local as well as nationwide boutiques to showcase my pieces. Additionally, I aim to increase my online presence where i eventually can draw international recognition as well.

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Contact info:
Facebook: Peaceofjewel
“The sky is the limit for PeaceofJewel.”



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