Closing Our Doors

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Why? You asked…..

Back in 2007 I gave birth to a jewelry hobby, yes it was just a hobby. This hobby turned into a business once I showed my Co workers pieces of jewelry, because they brought It!  It’s cool to have a hobby  but it’s dope to profit from your hobby.

10 years later I could definitely say I learned lesson after lesson, and I’m super thankful for all of them.

I’ve always love to shop, fashion and music so it was easy to relate to a fashion boutique. To sell something  you need to be authentic and believable in my opinion, that’s why I am my Brand. I wear all my items over and over again.

I decided  this year that 2018 I had to do the Unthinkable to grow my Brand. I needed to get my creative juices flowing, let go of some things, start fresh new projects. All th ideas that I came up with will help grow my brand and ladies boutique. I’m extended my services and working with one on one clients….creating a new wardrobe for them.

However Mid February will back Better than Ever…you have my word! I’m just excited for the path God is leading me to and I can’t wait to share  more.

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