What About A Little Pillow Therapy TM?

I love Cute Sexy Pillows, when I worked on 5th Ave I stayed in Pier 1 buying pillows ( all shapes, sizes and patterns) to throw everywhere. I was introduced to Pillow Therapy by a Friend and let me just say Her PILLOWS are GORGEOUS!

We had a chance to talk with the Boss Lady LT owner of Pillow Therapy about whats next for her and Pillow Therapy…..

What is next for you?

Will you do more pop ups? A Catalogue? A Commercial?

Wow! That’s on my mind everyday! My next move is actually for my new 2018 line! This line will consist of three collections: Be BoldSerenity and Per-suede Me.

Be Bold collection will debut in Jan-Feb and is all about being a staple, using bright colors, positivity and fierce quotes. These pieces are meant to stand out in every room they are placed. The person that gravitates to this line is showing just how much of a boss they are. This collection of pillows will also be the most kid friendly.

My next collection is called Serenity, this collection is much more calm and masculine. The quotes that I will use will be more about self-awareness and identification. This collection is about finding your space of creativity.

My last collection Per-suede Me is all about confidence and textures, which I illustrate through using suede, leather and fringes. It’s all about being confident, sexy and mature, getting what you really want… So why not put your expectations in a quote on my pillow!

With a product such as yours, if you had the chance to pitch to Big Chains such as Macy’s, Wal-Mart, Pier1 or Raymour & Flanigan… Who are you pitching to?

Take some time to think about this question. Remember it needs to benefit your product. You don’t want your product to sit On the shelf. 

I thought about this question for a while and at first I didn’t know how to answer it because who wouldn’t want to be in a Big Chain store? However, when I thought about what my brand stands for, a big chain store does not deliver the same story/vision that PT represents. PT is a specialty item that should be special to you because it is made for you and only for you! PT identifies with you. It tells you we’ve been through some life changing events but we are here now!

If I had absolutely no choice and had to choose a big chain store, I believe the best place to represent my line would be QVC! I say this in the sense that my customer will be able to see and understand what PT is and will mean for them. I don’t want to just make a pillow and mass produce it. I want to create an extension of an experience that happens to be in the form of a pillow. Experiences like on your saddest days you cry into that pillow and on your happiest days you grab the pillow and jump up and down! I want it to help you get up in the morning just because of a simply quote that I put on them.

Pillow Therapy has saved and prepared me for this journey of life in so many ways. Like therapy, it has made me more focused and motivated and does not allow for self-distractions. I am able to produce one of a kind pieces that are designed to treat that physical, mental or social need for my client. You see therapy is different for everyone but Pillow Therapy is that unique and special remedy to help you through it all.

You were asked to do a collaboration for a video… First in the home and then in the office.

Creating the mood with your pillows, which of your pillows would you use?

I would love to capture a story in a video by using my body pillows because they are staple pieces. Body pillows can be the center of attention OR just play cool in the background. You can create a mood in your home by putting a body pillow in your bedroom or in your living room. For the office you could use it as a great decoration piece to create a welcoming environment.

My body pillows are also long enough to tell a story about you and your journey even if your journey is just from home to work. Fashion quotes can be written on it to show motivational reminders such as “You Got This” OR “Keep Hope Alive… Monday will be back” OR “Eat Pray and Get Paid”. I would also use beautiful scenery fabrics that inspire you to feel that you are better than you were yesterday. One pillow set that I designed was with a tree like fabric that I backed with denim. It signified strength, growth, desire, journey and just being freaking amazing!

I believe that in every aspect of your life you have to aspire to want these things. PT has shown me that the story is always about growth and it is the reason why I’m still standing today. The video collaboration would show the story that with PT and my body pillows especially, you can have just that and even more!

Contact info is Below


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Email: pillowtherapy4u@gmail.com
Instagram: pillow_therapy



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