Say Hello to [kab-in]+[fee-ver]TM


What a Name for Jewelry Line….. And We Love iT

I recently got a chance to hook up with my girl Nikki (Creator and Owner of [kab-in]+[fee-ver]TM. We had a lot to talk about but her jewelry line speaks for itself!

How did you discover your creativity?

I grew up in a creative family, both my parents sewed growing up and taught me how to from a young age. I also lived in a stylish home being influenced by my Panaminian father and West Indian mother. Creativity was always a constant norm!

When did you realized you could monetize your creativity?

I realized I could monetize my jewelry line when friends I gifted pieces to started asking if I sold anywhere lol.

What’s your biggest accomplishment?

Staying authentic to my vision 👏👏 I don’t like posting or creating anything if I don’t have anything real to be inspired by. My vision is clear and I want everything I produce to come forth as that.

What’s a current struggle?

Gaining more followers and audience engagement.

Is there Something holding you back from reaching your goals? 

NOPE but if I feel a fear coming on that could potentially hold me back, I work some boss-babe-bad ASSeriness magic to master it.

What is your next move?

A subscription box of custom handmade jewelry!

Who would you like to collaborate with?

Other black female small business owners.

If you saw Issa Rae and had a chance to promote yourself/your product to her, what would you say? [You only have 2 mins]

“I LOVEEEE your #bossbish style and would be honored if you could floss these custom earrings to it!”

Please go check out my girl, get to know her brand. SHE WILL BE HUGE!

You can find Nikki on Social Media (Instagram, Facebook) @alogcabininbrooklyn and on Twitter and Pinterest @nikkijnurse
You can check out her blog: and contact her with any questions or collaborations on her contact page.



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